Prevent Spying on your Devices

Instincts hardly lie. If you are in touch with your intuition, you will sense when something is amiss in a relationship. The problem with relying on your gut alone without evidence is that it can lead you to make unwise decisions.

  • Keep Track

A journal is a good idea when you start feeling as though something is wrong in your relationship. You want to keep a tab on your spouse, their goings and comings, international and local trips, expenditure that doesn’t make sense to you and timelines. This prevents irrationality and presents you with a train of events. All this while, you want to act as normal as possible not to arouse suspicion.

  • Snoop Smartly

Snooping can reveal a lot of information, but only when done in an undetectable manner. Again, you want to collect evidence and so you want to avoid reacting too soon to information. If your significant other has been dodgy with their phone, make attempts to check a few texts and note the frequency of calls from either initialed or unsaved numbers. You can add social media to your snooping by checking your significant other’s activity from a trusted friend’s page.

Another area that most people neglect in their quest for truth is the garbage. Interestingly, this is where you will find all those torn receipts for clothes that you never got to see or hotel reservations that you know nothing about.

  • Show up Unexpectedly

You were scheduled to fly out of the country but your flight was cancelled and now you are headed back home. Be smart and show up unexpectedly so that you can catch any unplanned action if you highly suspect your spouse to be cheating. Also, make other plans so that you miss a planned event with them then show up unexpectedly and see their reaction. Guilt shows on people’s faces when confronted unexpectedly.

Prevent Spying by Going Stealthy now
  • Ask Pointed Questions

If you really think something is going on, ask your spouse pointedly. You can tell when someone is lying you the way they respond, dodgy eye contact, and perspiration. Some change their tone while others become defensive. If you watch them keenly, you will tell subtle changes.


The worst you can do when trying to catch a cheating spouse is rush your decisions. Collect your evidence slowly and with as little emotion as possible until you gather enough to take action. When it comes to it, hire a private eye to do the job discretely.