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Is the man of your life cheating on you? Well, we don’t want to sound paranoid, insecure, or just fussy as most men who cheat accuse their women of but it helps to actually know if he is indeed cheating. Ever wondered why the woman being cheated on is always the last one to know? Yeah, you’ll be the last one to know because you ignored the obvious tell-tale signs of a cheating partner. You are too deep in love to open your eyes and face the reality. There are many ways to tell if he’s cheating. A good place to start would be to take this is he cheating quiz to get an idea if you are being cheated on or not.

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He constantly lies

If your partner is constantly lying to you, it might be a sign that he is cheating on you.

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Spending less time together?

Is he always at "work" or spending his time with friends without paying much attention to you? It could be because they might be spending the time with some other person.

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Not letting you check his phone

This is the most common behaviour of a person that is a cheater. Want to just check the time on his phone but he isn't letting you? Something is going up for sure in your relationship!

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Why do men cheat? Is he cheating or am I paranoid?

There are as many reasons why men cheat as there are women in this world. Well, not exactly but behind every cheating man is a lack of self-esteem, physical or emotional dissatisfaction, sheer lust for another woman, emotional manipulation by the home-wrecker, and just plain old stupidity. Having an unfaithful partner can be a devastating blow to any relationship, no matter how long it has endured or how deeply in love you once used to be. After all, if you want to have a successful healthy relationship, trust is of paramount importance. You need to know if he is cheating or you may be doing all the trusting in the relationship while he’s busy building another trust elsewhere.

To get you started let’s look at some of the signs of infidelity in a man.

He Has Suddenly Developed a Keen Interest in His Appearance

Have his looks suddenly changed for no reason that you are aware of? A man’s appearance can be a tell-tale sign of infidelity. If he never used to bother much about his looks but now wants to look dapper and spends lots of time grooming, there is something going down when you are not around. He could be changing looks to please his side chick. Watch out for smells! If he smells differently or just smells like feminine perfume, take that as a sign of having been with another woman elsewhere. Watch out for routine haircuts if he used to let his hair grow in the past, staring into the mirror for some time to check his looks before he leaves the house and a general obsession with the type of clothes and jewelry he wears.

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His Behavior is Suddenly Out of Character

After spending quite some time, years even, with your man, you definitely know him in and out, backwards and forwards so to speak. You know how he behaves when he’s sad, happy, stressed, bored, angry, and even when he’s tired and hungry.

One of the easy to spot signs of a cheating man is a sudden change in character. His usual predictable behavior and routines begin to change. For example, he’s always glued to the TV when there is a football game but lately, he seems to have lost all interest in football and prefers to lock himself in the bedroom on game nights. He used to love entertaining guests in your house but lately, he’s no longer enthusiastic about people coming over. If you notice a series of small but seemingly innocent changes such as the time he spends in the bathroom with his phone and increased commute time to and from work, it’s time to open your eyes wide. Any deviation from the norm should be treated as a red flag. Find out if he is cheating by taking this quiz.

He’s Suddenly More Distant than Usual

Relationship experts agree that one of the most powerful indicators of a cheating man is loss of attention to you or the life you share together. He seems to have pulled away and is constantly ignoring you. You were always his top priority but lately, he doesn’t even listen to you. He is no longer engaged in your conversations or actions and does not care about needs and desires as he used to. When men cheat, they naturally and unknowingly redirect their energy, focus, and attention to the new partner and gradually lose interest in the old partner. If you find yourself repeating your statements while having a conversation and he seems distant and uninterested, watch out! He could be cheating on you. Expose cheater now.

Lies and More Lies

A man who cheats is prone to tell lies over and over again. He does so to cover his tracks but as is typical of lies, one lie always leads to another one. He’ll lie about who he’s been with, who he’s calling, and what he’s been spending money on. Cheaters always end up accumulating lies to create a completely fictional life to keep their indiscretions undercover. Watch out for the seemingly innocent lies for they could be a cover for one big lie about your relationship.

Don’t Ignore These Signs. Take the Is He Cheating or am I paranoid quiz to find out if you are being cheated on

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