Be ready and emotionally prepared because you might be shocked once you reveal the truth and exact identity that is behind the phone number, which your partner is texting and meeting up with that you are about to lookup.


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Bust a Cheater with this 100% Anonymous Tool

We have the perfect solution on how to bust a cheater partner. Are you looking to bust a cheater spouse? Use our bust a cheater app by entering your partners or victim's phone number into the field below and gain all the confidential information they are trying to hide from you. Find out who they are texting now. Enter the mobile number below to get started.


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Obvious signs to look out for when you need to bust a cheater spouse

Want to reveal the truth that your cheating spouse might be hiding from you? Watch out for these obvious signs that cheaters do when they are cheating in relationships. Is your spouse showing any of these obvious cheating signs?

Dont Touch My Fucking Mobile Phone

They are overprotective of their mobile phone

More and more people spend their free time surfing the web, especially on Social Networks like Snapchat or Facebook. If your spouse wants to cheat on you, they got lots of ways to actually do just that with just a few clicks. Looking at the text message on their phone might reveal the truth.

Partner Becoming More Distant

They are starting to become more distant

Noticing your spouse spending less time with you? Are they getting mad when you try and make plans with them and then blame you when the relationship starts to break apart? This could mean that your spouse might be dating someone else and have feelings for them rather than you.

Constantly Deleting Their Text Messaged on Mobile Phone

Their Mobile SMS Inbox suddenly "becomes empty"

It could be obvious to you already, that your partner is constantly talking to some “random phone number” or unknown contact name. Then you get curious and check if there are any messages coming from that number or contact and the usual result would be “none”. Check when they least expect it and you will probably find a message or two in there. If all the messages are there, they might be hiding it under “incognito” section of the mobile SMS application they are using (yes its possible).

Cheater Spouse Smell Different

Is your spouse smelling different when they go and when they come back?

There are many different reasons when a cheater spouse smells different when they go or come back home. They could be spending time with some other person elsewhere. If your spouse doesn’t wear a perfume and you smell it once they come back home, it could mean that you were picking the scent from other person perfume. When that happens again, ask them if they bought you a new perfume and check their reaction to your question…

Different Ways to Bust a Cheater

Different Ways to Bust a Cheating Partner!

Are you constantly in doubt about your partner cheating on you with some other person? Worried about getting home and finding your “love of your life” in bed with a stranger? Need help on how to bust a cheater and reveal the truth? If so, perform one of the following how to bust a cheater way and figure out what your partner is up to and anonymously catch a cheating partner red handed..


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1. Trust your own feelings

If you’ve been in a relationship for more then two years, you should be able to know how your partner is feeling and what their expressions mean. If there is something going on with your partner, you will probably feel it so asking them for the truth would be the best choice. Look at their expressions, body language and things they do once you start talking about it.

2. Use Bust a Cheater App

All you need to do is enter your partner’s phone number and our bust a cheater app will almost immediately give you a clean user-friendly report. See exactly who they are texting and meeting up with 100% anonymously and catch them red-handed. Reveal details such as full name, address, social media profiles, pictures and more from the number they are constantly texting.

3. Check Dating Apps/Websites

This would be one of the obvious first steps to do. Simply create a “fake” profile on the popular dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Hinge… You might get surprised finding your partner on such apps so if you do, confront them and ask them why they have their own profile made on dating websites when you have each other.

4. Research your trash bin

Anybody would expose cheating evidence into the trash bin especially condoms and other things like love letters (we use phones in the modern age but still), receipts for dinner or jewelry or any kind of other small gifts that you would expect when you start dating.

5. Check Daily Routine

Has your partners daily routine changed? Are they coming home late “from work”? Do they barely find time to hangout with you when you usually did it everyday? Something might be up meaning they could be cheating on you. It is time, to change your daily routine and surprise them once you come home early from work or vacation to catch them red handed in the cheating act.

6. View their browsing history

Many people have caught their partner in the act by secretly viewing their browsing history on mobile or computer. If we are talking about a female partner then checking mobile history would be best as for men, the computer would be the obvious choice to go.

Tools to help you Bust a Cheater partner

The tools below will help you find out the truth about if you partner is cheating on you or not. Use the tools below to reveal hidden social media or dating profiles, find out if they got any secret phone number used to chat and date with others, spy on their location to see where they are hanging around in those “late working hours” or reveal who exactly is behind that “new guy friend” contact name that they are constantly talking to.

Whose Number is This Calling or Texting?

Phone Number Current Address Lookup

Reveal Hidden Social Media Profiles

Tinder Profile Search Tool

Partner using Google Voice?

Monitor Messages / Calls via PC/Mobile

Scammer Pictures Search

Mobile Number Location Tracker

Catphished? Reveal CatPhishers Identity

It’s time to reveal the truth! Forget about all those lies that they’ve told you that nothing is happening and that you shouldn’t worry about a thing! Obtain your own proof now by starting the anonymous bust a cheater app.


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