So by now, if you’ve used spy for me bust a cheater app, you’ve probably gained access to your cheating spouse text messages either with the help of the app or without and perhaps found some “secret codes” that you didn’t understand? Well, let me tell you that cheating spouses usually have some text messages codes so that their partners wouldn’t figure it out on what exactly is happening in the context of the messages. 

Gone are the days where you would put up a wig and follow your partner in the late hours to find out if they are cheating on you or not. Cheating spouses around the world are getting smarter by the day, especially with the technology advancing at a rapid rate and with the information that is available all over the internet. Many social media or dating platforms like Tinder, Snapchat, and even Instagram are used to meet new people, which sometimes can lead to them having a secret affair. Secretly meeting up with someone has become a mainstream thing in this century, so obviously, some code words that only cheaters use have also been made up.

Now you are probably wondering what those cheating spouse text messages codes are right? 

Husband got caught cheating by his wife her knowing the 5 Cheating Spouse text messages codes

Most Used 5 Cheating Spouse text messages codes that cheaters use

Let me get straight to the point because you probably aren’t here to waste your time reading some filler information related to cheating spouse text message codes… Let’s start with the first and the most used one being:

Down to Fuck aka DTF Conversation Sample

Down to F*ck aka DTF 

It’s midnight, and you’ve just checked your spouse’s phone because they’ve received a message from someone… and in there was written the following: “if they are DTF tomorrow evening at their place.” which means if they want to have sex at their place. If you see this, you should confront your cheating spouse right away.

Send Nudes Fortune Cookie

Send Nudes

Okay, I think we can all agree that this one is pretty obvious, but it is the most used “pickup” line that many women accept as a dare and send the nude pictures. If you see your cheating spouse always requesting this from some random contacts, then you need to have a word with them and clarify what is going on or break up right away.

ASL aka Age, Sex, Location

Age, Sex, and Location – ASL

If your partner is asking random people on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, or Facebook the word ASL, then they are probably looking to meet certain people who could also be some other cheater. This is the least used word when people want to cheat on their partner, but it is also worth mentioning, so keep an eye on them if you encounter the word ASL continually being used.

Using Emojis to Express you want to have sex

Emojis ????❤️?

I’ve seen many people get exposed by the use of Emojis on their mobile phones while texting the secret partner. If you see the emojis in a specific order, for example: ??? then this could mean that they want to have sex with that person. Women love to use the ? emoji to express their feeling of needing the “D”.

Fake Contact Names saved in contacts list

Fake Contact Names 

This one is the last on the list because not many people would do this, some cheating spouses I’ve seen used some fake name for the person that they were texting to avoid their spouses checking them up on social media. If you see some random contact constantly texting with them and sending lovely messages, then it’s time you reveal who exactly is behind that number because it might be a fake name used for a cheating partner that they are having secret heated affairs with.

Conclusion on cheating spouse text message codes

Conclusion on 5 most used secret cheating spouse text message codes

If you see any of the cheating spouse text message codes in one of the messages on your spouses’ phone, then it probably means that your partner might be cheating on you. If you want to snoop such information out and expose cheater without having to wait for your partner to leave their phone somewhere for you to snoop around, then you should try our bust a cheater app to obtain your proof and put an end to their lies.