How Guys Text when they Like You?

How Guys Text when they Like You?

If you’re constantly asking yourself whether the guy you’re dating is interested in you or not as he’s impossible or cryptical to read, then you’ve come to the right place as we have exactly what you need: a comprehensive guide on how guys text if they like you! This was written because we were getting tons of emails asking us that exact question over and over again like we are a dating advice website… so to avoid getting more, here is what we have to say.

How Guys Text when they Like You
How Guys Text when they Like You

Texting and Romantic Relationships

Texts can give clues on the nature of our habits, love interests, friendships, and even the places that we frequent. Although a romantic relationship isn’t determined by texting, text messages can be used to look for signs if two people are really interested in each other.

Texting is also a low key way of engaging with someone that you think has the potential to be your partner. Contrary to popular belief, chatting through text can be as revealing and easy to read as body language. If you don’t know what to look for, however, you’ll never know if he likes you or not until he actually says so!


People Texting and taking selfie
People Texting and taking selfie

Random Positive Messages

If you’re constantly getting lighthearted texts about literally anything and everything, that’s great! That simply means that the guy is on the constant search for an excuse just to reach out to you.

Here are quick and easy ways to tell whether the lighthearted messages you’re receiving might be from a guy who’s very interested in you:

  • He has a nickname or pet name for you and he uses it consistently.
  • Your conversations with him are playful. Most of the time, you don’t focus on serious matters, but on humorous things instead like inside jokes.
  • He’s always positive. If you have the time and you’re bored out of your mind, why don’t you put all of your messages on MS Excel? Find out how many times he’s positive as well as when he sends negative messages… or neutral.
  • He sends you texts about dreams he had, may they be about you or not.
  • He texts random song lyrics.
  • He sends jokes.
  • He always responds. Most people don’t prefer texting after a certain while as their busy lives often take priority over chatting. But, if he always texts, and he politely tells you whenever he won’t have time to talk, then that’s definitely a sign that he likes you!
  • He brings up things that are nostalgic to him like Final Fantasy or Pokémon.
  • He comments even on minuscule things that you wouldn’t normally notice e.g. how good you look with a certain color!
  • He doesn’t talk about your hot friend/s. Whenever a guy talks about someone else that’s hot, there’s a chance he wants to get connected with her.
  • His texts aren’t all school or business related.
  • He sends images or videos that make both of you laugh.
  • He tells you whenever something reminded him of both of you or you alone.


how to know if a guy likes you through texts
how to know if a guy likes you through texts

The Serious Side of How Guys Text when they Like You

If a guy you’re seeing tells you about personal issues or problems in his life, it’s likely that he values your opinion, trusts you that he can be emotional, vulnerable or honest, or both!

Here are more signs that you’re seeing someone that’s falling in love or already has with you:

  • He confides in you or tells you secrets he doesn’t let anyone else know.

Sharing secrets plays a huge part in relationships. You only tell your secrets to people you are intimate with, may it be the things that make you sad, what he thinks of you or even a little bit of gossip. If you’re made to be his confidante, then that’s a positive sign that he’s very much into you.

  • He remembers even the little things or he’s very attentive regardless of what you say.

Let’s be honest: most guys are not really good at remembering stuff. If, however, he does even with the little things about you that you’ve mentioned, then he definitely likes you. For instance, you mention that it’s the birthday of your brother and you are having a dinner party with the family. If he asks you about whether you had fun or not the next day, then that’s a great sign.

It means that he’s thinking about you and he wants to develop a relationship. Not every guy is like this, so he’s genuinely interested in being with you.

  • He makes an effort for the conversation to be about you.

If he’s focused on getting to know you or getting your thoughts about a certain topic, then there’s no question that he is into you. But, if a guy is still thinking about dating other girls, then there’s a huge likelihood that he will slip and mention another girl’s name while you text constantly.

It can be hard for any guy to give his full attention to only one girl. If he actually focuses on you or even better, tells you that he’s no longer interested in looking at other girls, then you’ve got yourself a keeper!

  • He helps you search for solutions to the problems that you face.

Guys are natural problem solvers and they like to be. Whenever a girl a guy’s interested in says she has a problem, he will immediately look for a solution even if it’s not something that he’s well-versed in.

If he goes out of his way just to help you, then he values you as he will take the extra mile just to be the hero that saves your day!

  • He always makes plans for you two to be together.

If he’s sending you lots of texts or emails or even calls you just to make plans for you guys to hang out, then you don’t have to wonder whether or not he likes you as he most definitely does!

Not just that. Whenever you two are together and he gives you gifts or pays lots of attention to you even when you look terrible, then, yeah, the guy likes you.

But, let’s be very clear: a guy that is interested and a guy that is just being a creep are two VERY different things. If he’s giving you the creep vibe, run, girl, run!

If you two haven’t met yet and he’s trying to organize things that you can do together, the guy doesn’t want to leave you two finally meeting each other in person to chance. He takes initiative and tries organizing trips or even just a coffee run. He likes you if he wants to see you and spend time with you in person. He won’t even stop at anything to get the chance.

  • He reassures you.

If he truly likes you, then he will still do even when you look or feel the absolute worst. He may even give you compliments about your clothes, hairstyle or personality rather than sexualize you around the clock. If he only talks about your boobs and/or ass, that’s not a good sign.

Of course, it’s nice to get compliments on “assets,” but he’s fully into you if he likes every single thing about you, even your actual “no makeup” selfies.

  • He asks if you could meet his friends.

There’s no point in presenting you to his best buds if he really is not into you. But, if he’s impressed by you, then he would want to brag about you or at least show you off during get-togethers with friends. He may introduce you as his friend but the fact that he’s bringing you to private parties and he’s introducing you to everyone will give you an inkling that he may just be proud he knows you!

Also, there’s a huge chance that he has already told his buddies about you. When you’re around his friends, you’d know if he mentioned you to them already with the subtlest of signs like when they are trying to boost his chances with you or if they try to leave both of you alone.

Remember that guys always make an attempt at being wingmen with each other, most especially if one of them likes a girl genuinely.

  • He tells you about his future plans.

Future plans are discussions that take effort and serious thought. If he’s telling you his dreams and what he sees himself doing in the future, he might just be interested in including you in it!

The reason why he’s telling you his aspirations is because he’s working out the exact ways for you to fit into his plans. It may also be his attempt at impressing you or his way of telling you that he’s not some loser that only ‘goes with the flow.’

He’s saying he has long-term goals, which you might want to tag along to make the journey more meaningful!


Conclusion on how to tell if a guy likes you over text
Conclusion on how to tell if a guy likes you over text

Conclusion on How Guys Text when they Like You

If you really want to know if he’s interested in you, just ask him! Stop the endless wondering. It’s not third grade, remember? If he’s genuinely thinking of taking the relationship to the next level, he will tell you how he is really feeling. If what you are looking for is a serious relationship, it’s important that you learn how to communicate what you are thinking and feeling early on.

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